Texel 2018 demo

The summer of 2018 breaks many records in the Netherlands, even in October we where at the beach in our shorts. The weekend started for Bram and Lars early Friday afternoon. After a short drive to the nearest beach on Texel kites screamed trough the air. the wind started at 25km/h but soon it dropped down to a comfy 15km/h. Friday’s sunset was one to capture.
After picking up KarelOh at the ferry it was time for some food and checking out the accommodation. Saturday started with some off land wind, at noon it turned to the water and stayed there the whole weekend. Ronald and Wouter arrived early to complet the crew. Wind speeds where ideal for pair and team flying so we tried a few things, KarelOh and Lars Nailed a few nice pair sequences, and with a 5 man 90three SUL Team we got a spontaneous applause. Bram

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