The Tricks

For judges and a more detailed trick description click here, available in multiple languages.

After a few years without any big changes to ‘the list’, in 2019 a few new combination tricks and some basic tricks were added. With adding more/different rhythmic combinations we hope to see more variety in the ballets, with the new basic tricks entry level pilots have also more choices

Standard rules points of attention

All multi tricks have a minimum of 3 repetitions, 5 for a excellent score. Stalls and landings all have a minimum of 2 seconds, 4 for a excellent. In the center of the wind window and close to the ground scores better compared to in the corners and all the way up. On the spot means fixed in one position in the air, without drifting in any direction.

2019 updated list: (work in progress)
17-1-2019: new tricks added: stop puddle rolling half axel’sslot half axelsinverse cascadetaz cascadeup the fountainflatspin mutexmulti rollingcascade multi lazytaz take off
18-1-2019: video’s for: puddle taz cascadecomete taz take offside slideup the fountainflatspin mutexcascade multi lazy
19-1-2019: update descriptions: wapdoowap – crazycopter – spike
29-1-2019: update descriptions: rolling half axels – taz cascade – inverse – backspins – comete – cascade comete –
4-2-2019: New video’s: stop slot half axelscointoss

Wanted video’s: inverse cascade – multi rolling – duplex – axel – cascade – double axel – multi slot – multi yoyo – snapstall – cascade comete

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